Peach and Rose

Peach (F) & Rose (F) Rose and her three older kittens were brought rescue’s attention by builders after their owner had moved out and dumped them outside in the cold all alone in the middle of June. Understandably they were wary but have blossomed in our care for three months


Meet Mindy (F) Mindy is approximately 9 months old and a strikingly beautiful girl. She is very poised and polished; a quietly confident girl without being boisterous. She is a delightful cat to have around. (Click image to enlarge.) Mindy has been with her mum and two siblings and would get


Meet Mork (M) Mork is a very strong boy who is loving. He is very attached to his mum and siblings and would love to be adopted with his sister Mindy. (Click image to enlarge.) He has not liked his foster carer’s cats coming anywhere near his mum or siblings so