Bronson and Donovan

Bronson (M) and Donovan (M) Donovan is the fastest, heaviest three legged ginger ninja-cat ever! He has a great personality, playful, cuddly and gentle…plus many more. Besides that he is an awesome cat in general. He is special in so many ways.Donovan is a big old softy and loves to


Jorge (M) Jorge is friendly, he loves both kids and adults. He likes to play too, but when he gets tired he just sits around to recharge. He looks funny when he receives brushes under his chin and at the same time, getting massage on his cheeks/ear….its heaven for him.


Duchess (F) Duchess is a sweet little girl that loves cuddles. She eats like a boy, a tornado machine that swipes everything off in her plate. Cuddles and brushing her fur makes Duchess a purr machine. (Click image to enlarge.) Her way of playing with other cats is chasing them,

Lynton Cooper

Lynton Cooper (M) Lynton Cooper or Cooper for short is a handsome and sweet boy. He is independent in nature but can be a talker when he wants to. He likes to be a part of a conversation and meows loudly especially if you close the door behind him. (Click


Bennie (M) Hey friends. My name is Bennie. I’m only 4 and I was born on a farm. Someone tamed and desexed me and loved me for a while but then she had to leave. The next person who came treated me very badly. I was locked in a crate


Seraphine (F) Seraphine is probably the best looking cat lion you’ll ever be lucky enough to meet. She will take a little time and patience to settle into her new home, but once she feels safe she will be very smoochy and want to be in the same room as