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When we asked adopter Michael to write a story about blind Amelia for our website, we weren’t expecting to receive this. Michael’s beautiful story was accompanied by one his partner wrote after Amelia’s adoption. Enjoy reading about how Amelia and her forever family.

In April 2012 we got a call from a concerned member of the public about a cat who was obviously unwell hanging around her carpark at work. Amelia was found nearly dead when our carer Jo arrived. The vet did not expect her to make it through the night. But she was a fighter because she did make it and went on to challenge Jo for quite a long time as she wasn’t socialised.

Carer Jo, who went to collect her recalls:

Amelia CatRescue 901 image

A very sick Amelia arrives at CatRescue

In my time working with Catrescue I had never seen an animal in as bad a shape as little Amelia. She was rushed to the vet where she was placed straight on a drip. She was diagnosed as having severe cat flu. The cat flu had caused both her eyes to rupture, she was so sick she was unable to eat so was nothing but skin and bone. Being a feral cat I was only able to catch her because she was so close to death, she had no idea she was sitting in the middle of a carpark in an ants’ nest.

Soon enough, Amelia was off the drip and safely returned to my home. She was recovering well and most importantly able to eat – and eat she did! Unfortunately it looked like she may lose her eyes due to the flu and live out her life blind.

Amelia wasn’t very fond of me, she hissed when I walked in the room and lashed out at me when I went near her. Luckily I had a secret weapon, my husband Jarrod. He sat and baby talked to her and soon had her headbutting and purring in his arms. With his help I was able get her medicated easily and sneak in a kiss on the head without her knowing it was me.

After many months and mountains of love, care and medication, eventually Amelia recovered and responded. As a result of the cat flu she is 95% blind but has become very affectionate girl with a sweet personality. We set about finding a forever family who were able to give Amelia the special, indoor only, care she needs.

A very special young man, Michael adopted Amelia and they settled down getting to know each other.  Michael sent us regular updates showing Amelia having a lovely life which were shared on our Facebook page.

Video of Amelia playing after being adopted


What’s it like to live with a blind cat..? hmm… (by Michael)

Well she is an inside cat for one. She has memory mapped the house and can get around really effectively, she uses her whiskers and her tail to feel what’s around her, and she very rarely ever bumps into anything. She is comfortable and confident once she knows where she is, and she gets around so well that you’d be forgiven for sometimes forgetting she is actually blind.

She loves to play. At first we tried to get her toys with bells or something that made noise, but after a while we noticed that wasn’t really important. What makes a good toy for Amelia, is its texture and weight. She throws toys around and chases them, catches them, throws them again. Sometimes when you watch her you swear she must be able to see…

Oh and she is very affectionate and she loves a pat and a cuddle. She will meow for your attention or lightly pat you with her paw, and sometimes when she is fishing for pats, you look down at her and she is looking straight at you. You know she is blind, but you swear she can see you. She is looking straight at you with her tiny little face.

So I guess I’ve found that if Amelia is feels safe, is in familiar surrounds and trusts the people around her, then you can hardly even notice that she is blind. 


My Roommate – My Best Friend (by Amelia’s mum)

I have a pretty amazing roommate. Her name is Amelia. She is the first to comfort me when I am sad. She always greets me with joy when I get home. She never fails to make me laugh. And she is the cleanest roommate a girl can ask for. She’s my best friend. Amelia is also a blind cat.

When they found her she was a kitten and barely alive. With severe cat flu she was covered in ants, and her eyes and nose were fused and scarred. But she was given a second chance at life, and this terrified, stray kitten was cared for by a foster family and then adopted by my (now) partner Michael.

Whenever anyone visits now they all ask the same question…

“Are you SURE she’s blind?!”

“Yes. Yes, we are 100% sure,” we respond with a smile.

You see, Amelia navigates the place like a boss. She joins us on the couch whenever we are chilling out. She knows all the best spots to sunbake when the sun comes through the windows. She sneaks up on us when we’re in the bathroom. And she certainly knows where the bed is on sleep-in-Sundays.

She walks. She runs. She plays. She lays.

She climbs. She licks. She rolls. She strolls.

When she was first adopted she was a bit scared, but that fear quickly disappeared and all that remained was trust, love and joy. She truly is a happy cat who loves nothing more than a pat, a cuddle, a snuggle and a belly rub. And I admit I love it too. From the first time I met her, I knew I had found a friend for life.

The CatRescue people saved her. We gave her a home. And she gave us love and loyalty. She is my roommate. My best friend. And my family. And I wouldn’t have life any other way. I wish everyone could meet Amelia because she not only amazes those who meet her, but she overwhelms them with her unwavering affection. 

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