Ariella Ariella loves attention, pats and cuddles.  She doesn’t mind being picked up and carried around. If there is an empty lap in the house, Ariella will find it and will sit in it.  Crossed legs will not stop her and she will either paw at them until they uncross


Harrie (M) Harrie is a stunning blue/grey and white lad looking for his forever home. Due to no fault of his own, Harrie has come into care after a change in his owner’s circumstances. Born in October 2018, he is approximately 7 mths of age. Harrie is a sweet, gentle,

Opal & Aspen

Opal (F) & Aspen (M) At approximately 12 weeks old, Opal is a little cutie. Being blind doesn’t faze her one bit. Her excellent hearing means she can play, jump & rough house with her best buddy Aspen. She has mind mapped her safe area to perfection so she knows


Ben (M) Ben is a special cat and will be an absolutely perfect companion for the right person. When he came to us, it was clear that he’s suffered some emotional damage over the years and it has been amazing to see him come out of his shell in the


Zelda (F) Zelda is a delightful, charismatic and very cuddly kitten. When she came into care as an abandoned 3 day old kitten she weighed just 125 grams and easily fit in the palm of my hand. For the first few weeks of life she was always cuddled up on


Cami (F) Faux Bengal anyone? Our girl loves being high and getting into everything. Cami is a very active girl who is mega curious and mega friendly. She is a lot of fun and quite delightful. (Click image to enlarge.) We rescued Cami after she’d been badly injured when someone