Cami (F)

Cami is a barrel of fun. She is super curious – loves to know what’s going on and to be involved with her people whatever the activity, be that doing the laundry, the washing up, sweeping, playing video games, or homework. Cami is also very energetic when playing, and has a high prey-drive – she loves to chase a wand-style toy through a card box maze or up and down a cat tower.

Cami thrives in a ‘catified’ environment. She needs places to sit up high where she can observe her territory as she gets her security from knowing her environment (changing homes is tough on her – she takes a few weeks to settle in and get comfortable). She is also very strong willed and determined, and doesn’t like being told what to do, but with encouragement she can be convinced!  This behaviour is easy to manage – if you want her to go/be somewhere, positive direction with a laser pointer always works (rather than picking her up, chucking her in a room, then blocking the door with your foot to stop her getting out before the door is closed).

She gets on well with other cats, keeping clear of those who like personal space, and playing with other kittens. Dogs and house rabbits are no problem for Cami – she has previously live happily with both species. 

We rescued Cami after she’d been badly injured when someone turned their car engine on when she was around 7 weeks old. She had the ball in her hip joint removed and most of her tail was amputated. This hasn’t slowed her down and she has indeed made a full recovery. 
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Elizabeth (F)

Elizabeth is one of the most people oriented cats on the planet. Physical touch is her love language: Cuddles, head scratches, belly rubs, having her long fur brushed – if its hands on, she’s there, absolutely adoring the attention. She is also incredibly gentle, so no scratches and bites. Elizabeth has an acute sense of hearing for the sound of the cat-toy draw, seemingly appearing out of nowhere when it’s opened to get a wand style cat toy out for play-time. Play hunting with her people is one of her favourite ways to burn her kitten energy, and she will sometimes bring you toys when she’s keen for interactive play.

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Louis (M)

Louis is a very curious kitten with a sunny deposition. He loves exploring every nook and cranny he can find in the house, and makes his fun out of almost anything. Rolling around in a bucket is the current favourite activity, alongside playing in bowls of water. This purry boy’s friendly personality leads him to start and end his day with snuggles and nose kisses from his foster carers. Louis also connects well with other cats, regularly rubbing up against and nose kissing the adult cats he lives with – He’s even managed to convince 15 year old Mac (one of his foster carer’s cats) to wrestle like a kitten again.

Louis is quite standoffish to begin with, but will settle in after a few days once given time to get comfortable in his new environment. Loud noises, like fireworks and shouting, are quite scary for Louis, and this needs to be kept in mind for his safety.

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As these three have bonded so well, we would prefer them to go to a home together.

Louis (900079000717900) is approximately 10 months old, Elizabeth (900079000717897) is approximately 10 months old, Cami (900079000409048) is approximately 1 year old and they are all with our Carer Emily in Dulwich Hill, 2203

Their adoption fee is $630.

All our kittens and cats are desexed, microchipped, vaccination process started, flea and worm treated and litter trained.


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How to meet Cami, Louis and Elizabeth

Our special rescue cats are all available for adoption. Please read the adoption process and contact us if you would like to organise to meet one or more of our cats/kittens.

1. Please contact or complete the form below. Include your name, phone number and cat’s name/s, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

2. We will call you to have a chat and then put you in touch with the foster carer so that you can meet them.

3. In line with ethical rescue practice, we will visit to do a home check before the adoption is finalised and all adoptions are on a 2 weeks trial basis.

4. Adoption payments – Please ensure when adopting that you donate the adoption fee here.

5. CatRescue 901 is solely run and supported by volunteers and we rely on donations to rescue kittens and cats and to run our ongoing subsidised desexing program. If you would like to support us please make a tax deductible donation.

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