Carmen CatRescue 901 imageIt is most likely Carmen would have been put to sleep if we didn’t rescue her. She was surrendered to a vet as an old and very unwell cat.

CatRescue 901 saw her and offered to take her. We found a carer for her – a young man who was so very sweet and gentle. Carmen bonded to him immediately.

Carmen had the worst thyroid reading the vet had ever seen. She was emaciated and constantly starving. Medication stabilised her, she gained weight and soon started feeling very much better. She relaxed and settled in to her new home.

Suddenly, about four months ago, Carmen’s heart started to be affected. She was placed on heart medication and this helped her for a while.

But sadly, just recently, Carmen was given her wings (put to sleep) as she was losing quality of life. We had organised for Dr Cameron at Marrickville Vet AMS and Carmen’s carer to work together and make the decision to let her go if they felt it was in Carmen’s best interest to do so.

Carmen CatRescue 901 imageCarmen had a very happy year in a loving home with premium quality food, medications, much love and warmth.

Carmen was an expensive cat but we don’t regret it at all! We loved seeing her have a lovely home with her carer for a whole year.

CatRescue 901 always tries to rescue the hard ones; the more expensive ones, the difficult ones. We rescue cats with disabilities and have rehomed over 12 blind cats and kittens.

Ongoing donations help support our work and enable us to keep rescuing the cats who most overlook as too hard.

Foster carers change the world, so please consider opening your home to a cat in need.


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