Rupert (M) Are you seeking a young fur boy for your family? One that has lots of energy to play and still loves to cuddle? Rupert is a soft and gentle young one, about 4 years old in human age. He loves to play with toys and will need some

Holly & Tinsel

Holly (F) & Tinsel (F) Are you up for a delightful set of twin girls who are very playful? These two sisters adore each other, and are ready to be adored by you! Do you have the energy for two bundles of fur-joy giving you twice the fun? Holly is


Nickel (M) Are you looking for a handsome young boy? … still a young child in human age about 3 years old?  A kitty that has lots of energy and is either into cuddles or play time? Nickel needs an “elder”, a coach or mentor, to show him how to


Penny (F) Are you interested in a young female fur-companion who is friendly and easy going and could be crowned Miss Congeniality? Do you have a relatively quiet and tranquil home to share? Penny is a very calm and gentle little thing. She is happy to lounge and watch the


Delilah (F) Looking for a big & beautiful cuddly fur friend? A companion for life who is easy going and super friendly once she gets to know you. Delilah is around 4 years old, (equivalent to mid-twenties in human age), and she spends most of her time either loafing around


Elodie (F) Are you seeking a young, beautiful female companion, once abandoned and now ready for her fur-ever family? Are you willing to give Elodie, a social girl who likes to get up real close for a nuzzle, a second chance in life? Did you know the name “Elodie” is

Peter & Rue

Peter (M) & Rue (F) Are you interested in providing a safe yet fun new home for these two rescues? Peter “Pete” (tabby boy) & Rue (calico girl) are  bonded siblings, and approximately 9 months old. Pete is a giant kitten in nature, he is very playful with humans, cats

Chamomile & Earl Grey

Chamomile (F) & Earl Grey (M) Are you seeking two gentle cats to lounge & race around your home and enjoy the comforts of simple everyday life? Chamomile and Earl Grey are a loving sister and brother team, who were rescued when young. Do you have a quiet home and

Happie, is very!

Happie (F) Are you seeking a new fur friend who has the cutest facial expressions? a little one, curious and interested in the world? Happie may be petite yet she has a big heart & purr to match a tiger! She will provide long term happiness if you embrace her

Ginger & Milo

Ginger (F) & Milo (M) Milo and Ginger are a gorgeous brother/sister pair looking for a second chance at happiness. Nearly eight years ago they were lucky enough to find their first forever home through CatRescue when they were young kittens. They had the perfect life with a mum who