Dee (F) Dee is a CatRescue SPECIAL NEEDS cat. She was born in March 2018, without upper eye lids and was faced with the prospect of a life with pain and blindness. We were contacted by a member of the public asking if we could take Dee and we said


Diana (F) Our mummy Diana has had a pretty rough few years living in someone’s backyard and she is looking for a special home where she can feel safe and loved for the rest of her life. We rescued Diana and her 4 x 4 week old babies after we


Chamomile (F) Are you seeking a gentle cat to lounge & race around your home and enjoy the comforts of simple everyday life? Chamomile was rescued with her brother Earl Grey when they were young. Do you have a quiet home and are willing to give Chamomile a fur-ever family?


Toby (M) Toby is a love bug will not leave your side. He is more like a dog than a cat! Toby has the happiest of nature, loves people and loves nothing more than being on your lap. He gets on well with the other cats in his foster home,


Wesley (M) Wesley came to us when he was just over a month old after he was found in a milk crate in bushland. He is a Beautiful soul with a sweet nature. Wesley will be your best friend as he follows you around. He has an amazing coat that


Abby (F) Abby is a really sweet girl and is full of personally. She has lots to say, a real talker! Abby loves nothing more than to lay around all day, checking out the goings on out the window. She loves her her sister, has amazing markings and the softest


Mabel (F) Mabel is a lovely companion and will enjoy being in your space but she is not particularly a lap cat. She likes company and is happy to talk to you, but will come and sit on you for cuddles only when she is ready. She sometimes forgets to

Opal & Aspen

Opal (F) & Aspen (M) At approximately 12 weeks old, Opal is a little cutie. Being blind doesn’t faze her one bit. Her excellent hearing means she can play, jump & rough house with her best buddy Aspen. She has mind mapped her safe area to perfection so she knows


Ben (M) Ben is a special cat and will be an absolutely perfect companion for the right person. When he came to us, it was clear that he’s suffered some emotional damage over the years and it has been amazing to see him come out of his shell in the


Cami (F) Faux Bengal anyone? Our girl loves being high and getting into everything. Cami is a very active girl who is mega curious and mega friendly. She is a lot of fun and quite delightful. (Click image to enlarge.) We rescued Cami after she’d been badly injured when someone