Jenny, my story …

I think I was born to rescue animals. My mother told me I used to bring stray and injured animals home when I was very little – I don’t remember, so I really was very young.

I rescued my first pregnant girl from the streets when I was 15, it was 45 years ago. Back then, it was pretty easy to find homes for kittens and of course we definitely were getting mum desexed.

CatRescue 901 imageOver 30 years ago my family adopted two 18 month old cats from the Animal Welfare League, and I went on to volunteer for a number of years for Peggy Brown who ran the Ingleside branch. I loved shelter work and used to take our two daughters in the holidays to help.

I applied to be a foster carer with CatRescue nine years ago, and it wasn’t very long before Kelly and Erica were giving me very sick kittens. I formed a wonderful relationship with my long time vet, Michael Eaton of St Ives Veterinary Surgery, and Michael, quite literally, helped me save kitten after kitten with our intensive caring strategy. Michael is a very talented vet and was instrumental in me only losing two kittens and one cat in 9 years of fostering desperately sick pound cats and kittens. I was very lucky to meet some other great vets along the way in my local area who also were very helpful.

As time moved on, I started doing more to help Kelly and Erica with CatRescue and they taught me the ropes very diligently. About 5 years ago Kelly moved to Melbourne so the time was right for me to join Erica in running CatRescue. And the rest is history.

I adore working with Erica. We think and feel the same about just about everything, and we both have a very deep belief in behaving ethically at every level. I believe this is why CatRescue is a successful rescue group and has the respect of many in rescue.

What happens to all animals, especially cats, distresses me extremely and I am very passionate about helping as many as possible – particularly the most vulnerable. With our supporters taking this journey alongside Erica and me, we will continue to make a difference.

I can’t write this without thanking Cheryl and Lysa and all our very dedicated foster carers and volunteers who help keep the wheels turning.



CatRescue 901: Changing the world for cats, one at a time, together.