Cheryl, my story …

CatRescue 901 Secretary - Cheryl Hill in 1963The one thing I’m best known for is my love of cats. I have been owned by many of these intelligent, independent and graceful animals throughout my life and I live by the mantra that a dusting of cat hair improves everything.

I can still remember Christmas when I had only just turned 4 years old. Santa Claus left me an adorable little tuxedo kitten under the tree. Fluff Cat (rather a misnomer, it turned out) was my best buddy for the next 16 years, bravely coping with a family of 4 boisterous children.

As an adult I left home early, renting a variety of apartments and always keeping a cat that I had ‘rescued’ from somewhere or other. The ‘no animals clause’ on a lease never stopped me and it wasn’t uncommon for me to have to remove a cat prior to an inspection. 34 years ago, my husband and I purchased a house in the bushland of northern Sydney where we occasionally find animals dumped in the bush. Of course, I couldn’t bear to part with some of the cats that came our way over the years and they subsequently joined our family.

Four years ago, and six months after a very precious cat had crossed the rainbow bridge, my daughter and I knew we were ready to open our hearts again and adopt a new kitten. Luck took us to CatRescue where I met Jenny who was foster caring a pair of kittens who would become our newest family members. At that time, I had also been looking for a way to more actively make a difference and help the enormous number of homeless cats.

So the rest is history. Jenny and Erica welcomed me and I have been CatRescue’s go-to computer geek ever since. I publish the web site and newsletter, and handle a myriad of other tasks that keep the administration in order, allowing Jenny, Erica and the foster carers to focus on the cats.

When I’m not volunteering with CatRescue I provide the same service for my customers. I specialise in providing website, computer and administration services, assisting small businesses to utilise the power of the internet to manage, grow and build their business. Please visit my website if your business could benefit from some IT TLC.

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