Daniel (M) & Deverson (M)

CatRescue agreed to take these special boys when they were found as younger kittens on the street with very bad eyes. We could save one eye out of the four and the remaining 3 eyes show scarring but the boys have vision and their eyes should be fine. Even though Deverson only has one eye, he gets along just fine. They have been to see Dr Mark Bilson, our ophthalmologist at Small Animal Specialist Hospital and he is very happy with their eyes. He would like to see them once more in 6 months and we are happy to pay for that.
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I’m Daniel and my brother is Deverson. We are a pair of handsome and very affectionate boys who would like to come and live with you:

We may be shy at first but we are hilarious after we get to know you better. We are keen to play and love snuggles! We can’t wait to be your ultimate purr machines as we snuggle in bed with you or while you watch Netflix. We are super sweet especially when Deverson chills on foster mum’s lap while she studies. Daniel is more independent and is likely to explore first and will look out for his shy brother. We almost always snuggle together for afternoon naps and I bet you’ll find us adorable too!

We are great with other cats and have been in foster care with 3 other cats. We are quite talkative and makes cute chirping noises.

We do require a fair bit of attention every day even if it’s a quick play session as we are still young and active or we might do something silly to catch your attention.

If you are looking for 2 bonded cats to be your little shadow we are awesome at it!

We would love a lot of attention in a home that isn’t too noisy and would be good with older, very gentle kids.

Daniel and Deverson are in foster care with Yuki at Alexandria. They are approx. 12 months old and ready for their new home together. Their tax deductible adoption fee is $400. They are both desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and litter trained.

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How to meet Daniel & Deverson

Our special rescue cats are all available for adoption. Please read the adoption process and contact us if you would like to organise to meet one or more of our cats/kittens.

1. Please contact adoptions@catrescue901.org.au or complete the form below. Include your name, phone number and cat’s name/s, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

2. We will call you to have a chat and then put you in touch with the foster carer so that you can meet them.

3. In line with ethical rescue practice, we will visit to do a home check before the adoption is finalised and all adoptions are on a 2 weeks trial basis.

4. Adoption payments – Please ensure when adopting that you donate the adoption fee here.

5. CatRescue 901 is solely run and supported by volunteers and we rely on donations to rescue kittens and cats and to run our ongoing subsidised desexing program. If you would like to support us please make a tax deductible donation.

6. Keep up to date by following us on Facebook and joining our mailing list.


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