Freyja (F) & Madeleine (F)


Madeleine was originally rescued by Catrescue as a stray. She was placed together with Freyja and they became firm friends and were adopted together as young cats. She was then surrendered by adopter due to allergies.

Frejya is a beautiful tortoiseshell girl, with the softest fur and the longest tail. She loves to be brushed and generally made a fuss of and enjoys daily playtime. Once finished playing she will happily curl up at her human’s feet when it is time for bed. Her former owner has said “ She purrs while I pat her and, If I stop before she thinks she has had enough attention, she touches me on the arm with her paw and looks at me wide-eyed as if to say ‘Don’t stop!’  Freyja loves being brushed & groomed.  She does not like being picked up, so I don’t do it.” In recent months she has started sleeping separately as she has gained more confidence.

Madeleine (aka Maddie) is an elegant medium long haired white cat with  stunning blue eyes. She requires daily brushing to ensure her fine fur stays at its best. At first she did not like this, but as long as you are gentle Madeleine enjoys this bonding time with her human.

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As best friends, they will often be together- playing or relaxing, although  As her former owner says: “Both cats play roughly with each other at times, with Maddie usually dominating.  However, occasionally the worm turns and I see Freyja chasing Maddie through the house.  They have never hurt each other and seem to enjoy the rough play.  They are still very much the best of friends. “​

Madeleine particularly loves running though her cat tunnel and jumping up and down her cat tree. Madeleine is definitely the boss of the two cats- she is slightly older than Freyja- she enjoys grooming Freyja and Freyja usually defers to her.

“It took me until early this year to get Maddie to show me much attention, although she has always sat on my lap while I watch TV at night. It is only since the third shaving of her matted fur that she has let me run my fingers right down to her tail and brush her with a baby’s brush. I do this every night.  Her fur is now fully re-grown and so far there has been no sign of matting.  She’s much happier and is able to groom herself properly now.  She’s always washing & is really fastidious.  Freyja washes herself at night.  I often wake in the night & hear her having a thorough wash.​”
Madeleine and Freyja are a bonded pair. They would be fine with older, gentle children, but are not dog friendly.


Madeleine (Formerly Angel – 900012001155323) and Feryja (Formerly Butterfly – 900079000021007) are approximately 5 years old and are with Carer Peta in Leura, 2780. Their adoption fee is $440.

All our kittens and cats are desexed, microchipped, vaccination process started, flea and worm treated and litter trained.


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How to meet Madeleine and Freyja

Our special rescue cats are all available for adoption. Please read the adoption process and contact us if you would like to organise to meet one or more of our cats/kittens.

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