CatRescue 901 imageHello my name is Henry, pleased to meet you. My mum is Kelly and we live in Sydney Australia. My mum adopted me from RSPCA. Yagoona in 2005.

I am 11 years old (nearly 12!!!) and I have been blind since I was around 6 months old. Well that is when the RSPCA found me in a bush and took me in to discover somebody had taken my eyes away!

Not sure why someone did that, some people can be cruel. Mum found me on the RSPCA Last Chance website and instantly fell in love with me, who wouldn’t! Look at my beautiful long black fur and tuxedo – not to mention my socks. I was around 10 months old when Mum picked me up and took me to my new home. I am a strictly indoor cat but have a lovely enclosure with a cat tree and sunny spots to sit during the days. I also have a sister, Maggie, who is 12 years old. She didn’t like me all that much initially but we have grown to like each other and run around together playing. Sometimes we curl up together on the bed and sleep.

The last 11 years with my Mum have been fantastic! I have plenty of toys, have full run of the house, can sleep wherever I like and get lots of hugs, kisses and belly rubs.

As long as nobody moves things or leaves things on the floor I get around just fine. I explain it like this: it’s like when you get up during the night to go to the toilet and don’t switch on the lights, you know your way as you have done it so many times, but if someone puts a chair in your path you will bump into it! So I have memorised the entire house and very rarely bump into anything (unless I am being silly and running around like a maniac over excited – that usually when Mum throws the ball that I fetch).

I always use my kitty litter and always have. I love sitting with Mum on the lounge and listening the TV curled up against her leg. I love to climb the cat tree all the way to the top and come down backwards, I have never fallen doing this, I am quite intelligent like that. I jump up on the bed, couch, dining chair, anywhere really. People say I am a very laid back relaxed boy, but I am shy with new people and take a little while to warm to them. As long as they talk nicely to me and give me time and a pat I warm up to them pretty quickly.

CatRescue 901 imageI have special cat sitters, who are like an Aunty and Uncle, who mind me when Mum isn’t here. She says she is going on holidays, not sure why I can’t go? I get excited when they come as they love me very much and play with me all the time. I know their smell and voice so am happy when they come. It’s nice that I have the same humans take care of me each time as I know and trust them, Mum knows I can’t be left alone and just fed as I need company so they live with me when she is away.

I like to think I am a pretty normal cat to live with, Mum says so. I play, I purr, I walk around as per normal, I meow at Mum when I am hungry or want cuddles, I try to open the door when she is in the bathroom and I am absolutely adored. Give a blind cat a chance, we have so much love and joy to give, just like any other full sighted cat. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Henry (meow)!!!!