Here at CatRescue 901, we totally understand that some people are very distressed at the state of some of the cats/kittens we rescue. So one of our directors, Jenny has described what is done when very sick kittens of cats come into care and how quickly these desperate cases can progress when properly intensive cared and vetted.

We believe an absolute must for these guys as a base line is:

1. Excellent quality food (nothing from a supermarket). Stevie gained 400 gms in 10 days on BARF and a small amount of Wellness grain free kitten. His bowl always has food in it and he can eat at his leisure.

2. A vet visit as soon as on board to confirm health issues and ensure all medications needed are prescribed.

3. As a matter of course all our cats with eye issues and flu and put on antibiotics, antivirals, L-Lysine, eye cream as prescribed by SASH ophthalmologists (as they don’t like some of of the ones vets prescribe). Also good to give them probiotics once finished the antibiotics.

4. Love, love and more love. The love and nurturing is equally important as every other step above. If I feel I am losing a kitten or cat, I will hold him/her for hours and literally will him/her back to life.

In over 8 years of caring for critically ill kittens and cats I have lost 2 kittens and 1 cat only. The above works.

Unfortunately we have had a few cats arrive terminally ill over the years, We can do our utmost to vet and treat an animal, but once their time has come, it is then kinder to let them go peacefully. I always hope they allow us a few months to love and nurture them, but sadly that doesn’t always happen. We do absolutely everything to ensure the time they do have is happy one where they are loved and treated like kings/queens.