Jake and Layla were previously named Luke and Layla and they were in foster care with Jenny in 2012.

In October that year Leanne and I contacted CatRescue to see if we would be suitable new parents for two adorable tabby kittens who had been dumped in a gutter. Luckily we made the grade and were able to bring our new family members home. Luke became Jake (named for my fondness of Jacob’s Creek champagne) and Layla retained her very pretty name.

Four years later these two gorgeous indoor cats have their human staff members catering for their every whim. They even have a custom built, fully enclosed area where they can go outdoors safely. They have provided us with enormous love and enjoyment and I can’t imagine life without them in it.

I love having the satisfaction of knowing that I saved these two adorable cats from an uncertain future on the streets.