Katerina’s Humidicrib

Raising kittens is not easy and one of the toughest things is keeping their temperature regulated because they cannot do it on their own. A lot of the kittens that come into care have been abandoned and are very fragile or unwell, often being without the warmth of their mother for hours. It is vital that as soon as we receive them they are warmed up and kept at a constant temperature. Orphans don’t have their mum to help them stay warm, so it’s up to us.

Katerina's humidicribHaving a humidicrib that automatically regulates temperature and humidity and would pretty much eliminate the risk of overheating or underheating fragile kittens. It also means the kittens could have more undisturbed sleep without their carer constantly picking them up and moving them around.

A humidicrib is an amazing investment and it would raise success rates of raising orphaned neonatal kittens. By keeping their environment stable 24/7 for the first few weeks of their life, their little bodies will not have to work so hard and they can focus on growing.

CatRescue 901 has agreed to help Katerina raise $1,000 to purchase a humidicrib. If you would like to learn more about these humidicribs please look here.

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