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Late last month, Misty and her brother Sparky were trapped from a colony at Concord where some particularly nasty people are harming the cats. Sadly other kittens in the colony were found dead after Misty and Sparky were safe.

Sparky was coming around well under trapper Tina’s loving care, but Misty was scared and not settling in so Jenny offered to give her some intensive one on one for a few weeks.

Misty liked being petted whilst in the safety of her cube but her stress level remained very high, so Jenny put her on Vetalogica Feline Tranquil Formula. Misty relaxed considerably and allowed lap sits. She started snuggling under Jenny’s neck and didn’t even mind her beautiful, long coat being brushed. Today, Misty is making slow but steady progress back with Tina and is less scared around people.

Misty and Sparky are looking for a home together. They will need to be in a quiet environment for Misty who will take quite a while to feel comfortable, whilst her brother will be all over you. Tina and others are working hard to get the adult cats desexed and into care for rehab and then rehoming.

Foster carers and permanent homes are always needed. If you can build a good sized enclosure or cat proof your backyard, and could welcome a few shy cats, please let us know.

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