Name: Niels
Name: Morten

DOB: Sep 2020
DOB: Sep 2020

Colour: Tabby and White
Colour: Champagne

Gender: Male
Gender: Male

Microchip: 953 010 005 035 403
Microchip: 953 010 004 959 952

Niels is a beautiful and quiet boy. He is very placid, but he likes to see what is happening. Whilst he is still a bit jumpy if you try and pick him up, he does not hiss, bite or scratch at all, nor even tense up. He will stay in your arms and will start purring after a while.  He loves three things best – Morten, toys with strings and Food!


Morten is a very placid and sweet boy. He is also very inquisitive and outgoing. He loves to curl up on your chest and will happily snooze away, purring quite loudly. He is very playful and very quick. And, like Niels, Morten loves his food.


Morten and Niels are very close, they groom each other and sleep snuggled up together. They happily play with children too, Niels will tell them when he has had enough, whilst Morten looks on. There were no issues when he met other resident cats, he just sniffed and moved on.


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If you are interested in adopting these two, please ring Petstock in Dural (02) 96515047 to organise to meet them! Their adoption fee is $540.

All our kittens and cats are desexed, microchipped, vaccination process started, flea and worm treated and litter trained. They also have lifetime registration.


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How to meet Niels and Morten

Our special rescue cats are all available for adoption. Please read the adoption process and contact us if you would like to organise to meet one or more of our cats/kittens.

1. Please contact or complete the form below. Include your name, phone number and cat’s name/s, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

2. We will call you to have a chat and then put you in touch with the foster carer so that you can meet them.

3. In line with ethical rescue practice, we will visit to do a home check before the adoption is finalised and all adoptions are on a 2 weeks trial basis.

4. Adoption payments – Please ensure when adopting that you donate the adoption fee here.

5. CatRescue 901 is solely run and supported by volunteers and we rely on donations to rescue kittens and cats and to run our ongoing subsidised desexing program. If you would like to support us please make a tax deductible donation.

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