Pixie CatRescue 901 imageIn November, 2012 Pixie came to CatRescue from a Sydney pound as a five year old cat. As soon as we saw Pixie we knew she was in very dire straights. Her breathing was terribly rapid.

An immediate vet check confirmed Pixie would only need short term palliative care as her liver was 3 times enlarged which meant cancer. She was also in heart failure. Dr David at Concord Vet Hospital estimate Pixie to to be closer to 15 than 5. The vet prescribed meds to help Pixie stay comfortable and hoped she would be fine for a couple of months.

When people heard Pixie’s story one lovely person donated a very tall climbing tree. That climbing tree gave Pixie so much pleasure.

Pixie was hilarious at night. She had a “gym circuit” she repeated a number of times during the night on our bed. She would sleep between our pillows for a while. Then she would crawl under the blankets and sleep in my arm for a while. Then she would climb over my husband and sleep in his arm and then after a while back to sleeping between the pillows.

Pixie stayed with us until it was her time. Whenever we were in the bedroom she was in bed with us having heaps of love and purring her gorgeous head off. When were weren’t in the room, Pixie was straight onto the climbing tree.

Pixie started seizing late one night just two weeks into her stay with us. We raced her to Small Animal Specialist Hospital where she was given her wings. Sadly the seizing indicated the cancer had now affected her brain.

My husband and I loved every second we had Pixie and so did Pixie. Whilst it is very heartbreaking doing palliative care, we both love knowing that we gave a lot of love and pleasure to a dying cat. I am very grateful that Pixie’s last time wasn’t in a pound.

Please consider adopting a healthy, older cat. The older they are when they come into our care, the more grateful they are.