image of catDesexing is so important it is vital that you tell everyone you know to get their pet desexed.

But it is not just people’s pets who need to be desexed, if you are aware of stray or unowned cats in your neighbourhood or workplace it’s essential that they also be taken to a vet for desexing. Afterwards these cats can be returned to where they were caught, especially if there is shelter in the local area and people prepared to feed them on a regular basis. ‘Desex and return’ is often the only option available and must not be regarded as cruel. If you are unable to adopt the cat yourself there’s very few places that will not euthanase if you choose to surrender them.

If the cat cannot be released and is not frightened of human contact CatRescue 901 will assist with rehoming. However as we do not operate a shelter you will need to act as a temporary ‘once off’ foster carer until a home can be found. Please email for advice.

If you are undecided on what to do just imagine how much worse the situation will become if you ignore it or postpone intervening and the cat breeds? It is not just the immediate kittens who will face a grim future but they could also live to breed, or if taken to a pound they will compete with other animals for homes. Desexing the cat now will also buy time for you to decide on a permanent solution.

Please tell everyone – each cat desexed WILL make a difference to the lives of all domestic cats.