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Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer subsidised desexing at this time due to lack of funds.

Our Subsidised Desexing Program runs from 1 September annually for as long as funds last.

Through the support of our generous sponsors and donors, plus our wonderful participating vets, we are able to issue subsidised desexing vouchers which has a very direct impact on improving the quality of life of every cat desexed. Plus it also has an immeasurable and positive effect by reducing the numbers of kittens born, many of whom would end up being abandoned or euthanased in pounds or shelters.

We would like to thank the following vets who participate in our program. These vets all offer us significantly discounted rescue rates, as well as providing an exceptional level of veterinary expertise. They are:


Please read the information below and then click to apply.


To receive subsidised desexing at the above vets, you must hold and present a valid Subsidised Desexing Voucher.



We are offering the following pricing options:

  • $50 per cat for desexing only (regardless of sex)
  • $40 for microchipping (for cats) only

Who pays for the difference?

We are only able to run this subsidised desexing program through the generous donations of members of the public and do not receive any government funding or subsidies. Even though we receive discounted rates from our participating vets, each voucher is still costly. So we ask that if you can afford full rate desexing, please don’t apply for subsidised desexing through our program as you are taking away a desexing a voucher from someone who may genuinely need it.

Can I donate to CatRescue’s Subsidised Desexing Program?

Of course, we welcome all donations. The more donations we receive for this program, the more subsidised desexing vouchers we are able to issue. Every additional cat desexed has a direct and positive impact. To donate directly to our subsidised desexing program, click here.

How many vouchers can I apply for?

This year (2016), due to limited funds, we are limiting the Subsidised Desexing Program initially to 1 voucher per applicant in order to try to make sure that all applicants receive at least one voucher. However, if our application page is still online from 20 September 2016, if you have previously applied for a voucher, you may apply for a 2nd. The application page will remain active as long as funds last.

When will I receive my subsidised desexing voucher?

As we are a volunteer organisation it may take a week for us to issue your voucher. If you have not received the voucher via email a week after you applied please contact us to check the voucher’s progress.

How long do I have to use the voucher?

All vouchers are issued with one month until expiry. Please make an appointment with your vet promptly to ensure you meet this timeframe as extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

How do I apply for a subsidised desexing voucher?

Before you apply, please read through the list of conditions below, to make sure that you select the vet best suited to your needs. Please select the orange “Click here to apply” button at the bottom of this page.


Conditions – General

  1. Inappropriate language or aggressive, rude &/or unreasonable behaviour towards veterinary staff will not be tolerated and may result in the voucher not being honoured and your appointment cancelled.
  2. If you had to trap the cat being desexed you must take it to the vet in the trap. Otherwise if the cat is socialised it must be brought in secure, approved cat carry boxes for the safety of the cat and veterinary staff. Cats must not be carried in your arms or in an insecure carrier such as a cardboard box. Service for cats not brought in secure cat carry box may be rejected. If you do not have your own carry box, we recommend you either borrow one from a friend, or purchase one cheaply at a Discount Variety Store.
  3. The CatRescue 901 Subsidised Desexing voucher is for Subsidised Desexing (&/or microchipping) only, and any other veterinary services (such as a vaccination, consult, medications, etc) are payable at the full rate to the vet. No further discounts are available for additional treatments or medications. If you require other services, please liaise with the vet directly.
  4. A health check will be undertaken prior to desexing. If the cat is unwell or has a raised temperature, desexing will not be possible for the health and safety of the cat. In this instance, the vet will call you to pick up the cat. The voucher and your payment will be returned to you to re-use once the cat is well.
  5. A printed copy of the Subsidised Desexing Voucher and payment must be handed to the vet staff when you drop your cat off in the morning. Credit will not be given under any conditions. Subsidised Desexing will not be provided without submission of your CatRescue 901 Subsidised Desexing Voucher.
  6. Out of date vouchers will not be accepted. You will be provided with 4 weeks from the date of issue to use the Subsidised Desexing Voucher. If you require longer than 4 weeks to use this voucher under special circumstances (ie: Your cat has a little of 1 week old kittens and she can’t leave them for the day until they are 8 weeks old; or you have ordered the voucher for a stray cat whom you are having trouble trapping and may need more than 6 weeks), please specify how long you require and the reason in the Comments field on the application form.
  7. Subsidised Desexing Vouchers are not transferable to other vets, and must only be used at the vet you have applied for which will be stated on the voucher.
  8. Each voucher is for one cat only. If you require subsidised desexing for more than 1 cat, you must apply for additional vouchers. All vouchers and numbered and tracked so cannot be used more than once.
  9. The only vets who will accept feral or semi-feral cats for desexing are Concord Veterinary Hospital, Princes Highway Veterinary Hospital in Kogarah and Bass Hill Veterinary Hospital. If you need a trap to catch the cat, then for this purpose the cat is classified as feral or semi-feral. You must bring the cat into the vet in the trap and not a carry box for the safety of the cat and the veterinary staff. If you bring a feral or semi-feral cat into either of the other 2 vets, they won’t accept it. If you bring a feral or semi-feral cat into Concord, Princes Highway or Bass Hill Vets in a carry box or anything other than a cat trap, they may not accept the cat.


Conditions – Vet Specified

Bass Hill Veterinary Hospital

  1. Desexing appointments are available Monday to Friday.
  2. Payment is due on ADMISSION i.e. at the time the cat is brought into the hospital in the morning for desexing.

Concord Veterinary Hospital

  1. Does not accept cheques and does not provide accounts. Cash, eftpos and credit card are accepted. Payment is due on ADMISSION i.e. at the time the cat is brought into the hospital in the morning for desexing.
  2. If you wish to see a vet in regards to a health problem, the consultation fee is $67.50. This is in addition to the desexing price.  Any medications required are extra to this. There are no discount on the consultation fee, treatment or medications.
  3. Desexing appointments are available Monday to Friday.

Marrickville Vet Hospital AMS

  1. Desexing appointments are available Monday to Friday.
  2. Payment is due on ADMISSION i.e. at the time the cat is brought into the hospital in the morning for desexing.

Princes Highway Veterinary Clinic

  1. Subsidised Desexing appointments are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.
  2. Payment is due on ADMISSION i.e. at the time the cat is brought into the hospital in the morning for desexing.

Carter Road Companion Animal Practice

  1. Does not accept feral or semi-feral cats.
  2. Desexing appointments are available Monday to Friday.
  3. Payment is due on ADMISSION i.e. at the time the cat is brought into the hospital in the morning for desexing.

Important notes regarding desexing

  • Cats must not eat before 8pm the night before desexing and should not be given water from 6am on the morning of desexing.
  • Cats are to be dropped off in the morning on the day of desexing and picked up later that afternoon or evening – the vet will advise you when you can pick up.
  • None of the participating vets provide desexing on weekends or public holidays.
  • Please ensure you book your appointment with plenty of time before your voucher expires as our participating vets get booked out in advance.
  • Female cats will be provided with 24 hour pain relief as part of the desexing cost – this is not required for males.


Application form

Please use this button to apply for a voucher.
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