Hello my name is Tiggy and I am blind. I want to tell you my story.

CatRescue was told about a blind cat who was about 8 months old with very painful eyes in Queensland and they agreed to fly me to Sydney and help me. I just wasn’t going to get the help I needed otherwise. It was early 2014 when I first came to my foster mum’s house. I was very cranky because I was in constant pain with my eyes. My eyes were taken out and I was still a cranky girl. When I came home from the vet, I was looked after until I recovered. My foster mum worked very hard helping me to adapt with no eyes and soon I was walking around and making myself at home. Mum brought all sorts of sensory toys and mats for me so I could feel my way around the different surfaces of the house.

After a while my foster mum and dad and kids turned into my real family as they decided to adopt me. It took a long time for me to be confident and not cranky but now I am very friendly and love my family so much. It is a lot of fun here because my family still fosters little kittens. I don’t like all of them but do I like some of them. I am a very spoiled cat who sleeps where I want (usually in between mum and dad’s pillows. Even though I am blind, all my other senses have kicked in better and I no longer walk into things, and as long as my food and litter tray stay in the same place I can find then.

My mum couldn’t understand why I kept climbing the rear screen door. Dear me, humans are a bit slow! I was trying to tell her I wanted to go for a walk outside. Mum finally worked out what I was asking and put a harness on me, and now I love going for a walk in the garden. And, I don’t have to climb the screen door anymore.

I know who is who by their smell and can tell when new people come into the house. I show my family I love them by laying on my back so they can rub my tummy – they know I trust them when I do this. I love to play with my toys and I often lay on the couch and listen to the TV. I sometimes listen to the footy with dad. My favourite shows are animal shows. Sometimes if I’m comfortably spread out on the couch I growl when people try to move me – really you would think they would figure out I am quite happy where I am.

Hopefully people will read my story and think about giving another blind pet a home. We still do everything the same as sighted animals. We run around just like our friends and most of the time you wouldn’t even know we are blind.

I have turned into such a cheeky cat – I even figured out which present was mine under the tree at Christmas and opened it. But I didn’t open the other cats’ presents.

Love Tiggy