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Pet Search

If you have lost or found a pet then the best place to contact is Pet Search. Pet Search works with you to maximise your chances of having your lost pet home again and have reunited many grateful families with their missing companions. Click here to visit the Pet Search website.

Animal Care Courses – Open Colleges

Open Colleges offers a full range of Animal Care courses to suit many needs; for those who wish to obtain professional employment to those just wanting to learn more about their animal or gain extra knowledge for personal development in an area that they are passionate about. For more information on courses offered, please click here visit the website.

Office of Local Government – Companion Animal information

If you live in NSW then this website will help you better understand your rights and legal responsibilities when living with pets. Most importantly, it will give you all the facts you need on microchipping and life time registration. Click here for Companion Animal information.

Alley Cat Allies

Many tens of thousands of people in Australia are looking after stray cats. Alley Cat Allies is an American group who advocate for the welfare of ‘free living cats’. This site is a wealth of information and is particularly important for those people who have found a cat colony and need advice on how to care for them in the long term. More information about dealing with colony cats can be found here.

National Desexing Network

Animal Welfare League in Queensland has set up the National Desexing Network to make subsidised desexing more accessible to people. If you are struggling to afford the costs of desexing your pet visit this site to find a participating vet close to you.

No Kill Advocacy Centre

Nathan J. Winograd is the Director of the American No Kill Advocacy Centre, which is devoted to ending the killing of homeless animals. Nathan has developed practical, affordable and effective solutions to achieving ‘no-kill’, and his arguments for implementing them now cannot be ignored. Visit the No Kill Advocacy Centre here.

Toileting Issues

For your cat, there’s more to going to the toilet than you might think. Cat’s urine and faeces carry information that is important for communication with other cats, and cats think we understand this information too! If your cat is inappropriately toileting, please go to this website for help and advice.

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