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Subsidised Desexing – Sydney Metro

Through the support of our generous donors and the goodwill of our wonderful participating vets, we are able to set aside a yearly budget to issue subsidised desexing vouchers as our funds allow. We focus on helping people who help stray cats and kittens in order to reduce the number of cats on the streets. Desexing improves the quality of life and health of cats:

  • Desexing females removes the risk for ovarian and uterine cancer as well as the risk of pyometra and complications associated with pregnancy and birth.
  • Desexing males eliminates the risk of testicular cancer.

Please only contact us if you are in genuine financial need as we have limited funds. To apply for subsidised desexing, please send an email to, and make sure to include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your contact number
  • Your reason for contacting us
  • How many subsidised desexing vouchers you are applying for
  • Your suburb and which of the vets (from the list below) you would prefer to go to or if you don’t have a particular preference
  • Whether the cats are friendly or unsocialised, how old they are, their gender and where they were found
  • How much you can contribute towards each voucher

After review of this information, we will be in touch and will email you an application form to fill in if we are in a position to offer assistance. Please note that our vouchers are for desexing only, we do not cover microchipping nor vaccinations.

In order to reduce the vets’ administration work as a result of our vouchers, we usually will ask for your contribution towards a voucher to be paid directly to CatRescue901 via bank transfer, after which we will issue you with a no fee voucher to give to the vet. Once transfer has occurred, one of our volunteers will email the voucher/s to you – this will usually be done within the same day.

If you are applying for your own cat, please be reasonable in how much you can contribute – this will enable us to help more people and cats.

Please note that vouchers are limited and subject to availability. They are only available in Sydney via our participating vets. Once you have received your subsidised desexing voucher, you will then need to call the vet to make your appointment. YOU MUST notify the staff member when booking that you have a CatRescue901 subsidised desexing voucher. They need to add the voucher number to the booking. 

Our participating vets are:



How will I receive my voucher?

We will send it to you as a pdf by reply email. This voucher will include instructions on what to do next.

How long do I have to use my voucher?

All vouchers have a two months’ validity from the date of issue. If you have made a contribution towards your voucher, we will of course extend the voucher’s validity so please just get in touch with us.

Can I nominate a different vet?

No. We have negotiated rescue rates with our participating vets, as well as trading terms meaning money doesn’t have to be paid up front, which would not be possible for a program like this. If none of our participating vets are in your area, we recommend going to the National Desexing Network’s website (who run a similar program) to see if they have a vet near you.

Can I get a discount on other veterinary services through CatRescue901?

Unfortunately no. We are not in a position to fund additional veterinary services. Any additional veterinary services, including things like consultations, vaccinations, microchipping, boarding, medications, etc, are not included in this program, and are a private matter between you and the vet.

Do I have to make an appointment with the vet? Or can I just turn up when I’m ready?

Appointments for desexing must be made in advance directly with the vet. Please ensure to follow any instructions given by the vet at the time you make this appointment. This will include the time you need to drop the cat off by, and they will also instruct you that you must withhold food the night before desexing.

Why can’t I feed my cat the night before desexing?

Cats are placed under sedation, and have a breathing tube inserted throughout the operation. It’s imperative the cat has an empty stomach, otherwise they may vomit (as a reaction to the anaesthetic) into the breathing tube which can then cause it to become blocked and stop the cat receiving any oxygen, which could be fatal.

How can I get in contact with CatRescue 901 about other matters? Or when this program is no longer running?

The best way to contact us is to send a message to our Facebook page. Alternatively you can use our Contact Us page form to send us an email. Please note however that we are all volunteers so do our very best to respond to as many enquiries as we can and help as many cats as we can. Sadly there are only few of us and far too many cats in need of our help.

We try to run our Subsidised Desexing program all year round and try to help the very caring individuals who utilise our program to desex stray or colony cats. Unfortunately our funds are limited, so there may be times where we have to say we aren’t in a position to provide support or can only provide partial assistance. 

If you would like to support us and help us reach our goals, please make either a one off donation any time, or sign up to a monthly subscription from our Donate page. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Single or recurring donations via bank transfer are also possible and are of course, also tax deductible over $2. Please just ask us for our details.

To find out if there are any current Subsidised Desexing Programs running in your area, or simply to locate a local vet who offers discounted desexing rates, please contact National Desexing Network through their website at

 Important note:

It is part of the Terms & Conditions that all voucher holders are polite to all vet staff. It is up to the discretion of the veterinary staff &/or management to refuse service. So please make sure to be polite and kind at all times when dealing with the vet staff. If issues arise, we will not be issuing additional vouchers for a different vet.

CatRescue901 assumes no risk for the health of your pet or the outcome of the surgery.

How can you help us help the cats?

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