Elsa CatRescue 901 imageElsa was probably about 4 weeks old when she was found, and she wasn’t just alone, she was also blind. In fact, she didn’t seem to have eyes at all, but tiny pink holes where her eyes should have been. She was in terrible shape – she had lice, fleas, intestinal worms and ringworm. She’d been born without fully formed eyes, and had a pronounced head wobble and difficulties walking, which a veterinary neurologist later diagnosed as cerebellar hypoplasia.

Despite all her issues, Elsa is incredibly affectionate and sweet, and she constantly purred for attention. After treatment, she now runs and plays like any other kitten her age. Elsa will live a full, happy life as an indoor only cat placed with a loving and understanding family.

Elsa’s full story has featured on Love Meow – read it here:  http://www.lovemeow.com/kitten-blind-streets-affection-love-2574620047.html


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