Arrived at the Rainbow Bridge on 8 July 2012.

Celebrating the life of one of my closest friends, Libby Cat.

Libby, the most high maintenance, flighty, expensive and neurotic cat that I have ever had the pleasure of being owned by. The kitten who adopted Leanne and me from the Cat Protection Society 16 years ago became my steadfast friend, midnight cuddler and confidante.

CatRescue 901 image

Libby Cat owned by Leanne H.

Whether it was nearly missing Leanne’s primary school graduation ceremony due to rushing the severely paralysed from tick bite Libby to the vet (2 anti-venoms and 14 days in hospital), or trying to coax her down from the top of a high cupboard after she refused to come down for anything but food for 6 weeks (another large vet bill and valium this time), or insisting on helping me with the computer (we had to purchase a new printer due to it getting clogged up with cat hair from being sat upon), or having to deal with her toilet tantrums and using the rugs as a scratching post, this gorgeous cat never let us forget who was in charge.

Rest in peace, my beautiful princess.

Always in my heart, Cheryl